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The Stormtroopers who have captured Grogu (Baby Yoda) are attempting to contact Grand Admiral Thrawn. Grogu attempts to get the attention of one of the Stormtroopers who is disgusted by Grogu. After enough badmouthing from the Stormtrooper, Grogu uses the Force on him. The two Stormtroopers realize Grogu may not be an ordinary child. Meanwhile, the Mandalorian and Jack Gourdon are attempting to track down Grogu, but stop at Colossal Coliseum. Jack Gourdon attempts to recruit Menace, who had recently declined the Mandalorian’s offer. After failing to neglect Menace's orders, Jack Gourdon is placed in a cell. The Mandalorian manages to have Menace release Jack Gourdon on the promise he rescues Grogu. Back with the Stormtroopers, Grogu utilizes even more of his force ability and ends up choking one of the Stormtroopers. Shortly after, Grand Admiral Thrawn calls asking about Grogu. The Stormtroopers report how Grogu has been acting hostile towards them. Grand Admiral Thrawn is pleased to hear this news, and it is the first step in Grogu unlocking his full potential as the ultimate weapon.
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Pugfriend231 I’m a fan of furball
Pugfriend231 I’m a fan of furball Prije 3 dana
Where is meowscles🥺🥺🥺🥺 I miss him
Un Named
Un Named Prije 5 dana
We need more of jack gordon
SirBREADthe1st Prije 6 dana
I haven’t seen any of these previously on parts where are those episodes
LEGO guy 27
LEGO guy 27 Prije 9 dana
How do you get it so there just holding hands instead of picaxe
lil_crxstalskies Prije 9 dana
Anything about Midas?
《TL》 Assassin57
《TL》 Assassin57 Prije 10 dana
2:05 did anyone else see the lamma
Gavin Poirier
Gavin Poirier Prije 10 dana
Wow Don’t go baby Yoda that
Blaze Games
Blaze Games Prije 10 dana
You’re skits are great
ERIC MEEKER Prije 10 dana
The first minute is shameless self promotion.
Leaky Gamer 2011
Leaky Gamer 2011 Prije 14 dana
Pls in your next vidio put guff pls
Carmen Puglia
Carmen Puglia Prije 15 dana
Why is Grogu now Sheeve Palpatine
Janelle Mitchell
Janelle Mitchell Prije 16 dana
Obi-Wan-Kenobi Prije 17 dana
Can you like delete all these channels
Bendy Boi
Bendy Boi Prije 18 dana
9:24 theres a llama behind the tower lol
dimmy Prije 20 dana
Oh my god on the thumbnail baby yoda looks like dobby from harry potter
Marlene Zamora
Marlene Zamora Prije 21 dan
Christian Tarin (Student)
Christian Tarin (Student) Prije 25 dana
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray Prije 26 dana
This is my opinion but I don't like when people do stuff with like grogu or some other loved character and just say for example with grogu just doing random crap like baby yoda is on the dark side it's like he never went to the dark side in the latest episode from when I posted it
Brandon Gray
Brandon Gray Prije 26 dana
Luke took baby yoda to train him he never went to the dark side
XMGRJ2 Prije 26 dana
It’s Lee
It’s Lee Prije 28 dana
I don’t like that the enemy guy that is like the boss of the storm troopers has the exact same voice as Midas
I eat water btw
I eat water btw Prije 28 dana
I lov dis chnal
Chidera Afakalam
Chidera Afakalam Prije 28 dana
That loney storm trooper was singing the mandalorian
Arsensatie Prije 29 dana
1:29 the legend is back... jack odin (I hope i spelled odin right)
Curtis Catado
Curtis Catado Prije 29 dana
Sweet short film, really creative idea.
Aasees King
Aasees King Prije 29 dana
Why does the grand guy sounds like Midas?
gaming king
gaming king Prije 29 dana
pain jr
pain jr Prije 29 dana
Imagine still watching this garbage
VxdezZツ Prije mjesec
6:23 he said it was poop lol
Larner Comics studios
Larner Comics studios Prije mjesec
Jack Gordon: sniff sniff yep that’s poo poo alright
JJ Drawing
JJ Drawing Prije mjesec
Does anyone know the song in the beginning in the background
Shindo life fan
Shindo life fan Prije mjesec
Krampus: Only good kids can make a subscription to newsscapepro Yoda: Give me the fricken sub already you dumb horse looking lizard Yoda after he insulted Krampus: Don't test me u dumb horse looking lizard
The fish Man
The fish Man Prije mjesec
It’s Growgru
Makai Coolstar
Makai Coolstar Prije mjesec
Am I the only one the misses the whole main cast 😢
Lieven Desmet
Lieven Desmet Prije mjesec
Me : ( softly ) dont
Ryzzls Prije mjesec
hello i am Mwxlk
Ryzzls Prije mjesec
Dr. Libby K. Larson
Dr. Libby K. Larson Prije mjesec
Ha that’s so funny hahaha That’s poo poo alright
Dylan Huhta
Dylan Huhta Prije mjesec
He didnt even turn evil the title was wrong
Milly Bush
Milly Bush Prije mjesec
Anyone else think the storm troopers boss thing (i don't like star wars don't judge) sounds like midas
IsaacDraws Prije mjesec
ItS poO POo
Dylan King
Dylan King Prije mjesec
its not baby yoda its grogu
Benjamin Carnevale
Benjamin Carnevale Prije mjesec
2020 quote of the year: ‘Is this poopoo?!’ -Jack Gordon
Joleen Garcia
Joleen Garcia Prije mjesec
This is like the episode from the mandalorian.
war Ironboy
war Ironboy Prije mjesec
Hey just want to let you know I am youtuber
The Visitor
The Visitor Prije mjesec
Why does thrwans voice sound like Midas sorry if I said it wrong
Afraz the Gamer
Afraz the Gamer Prije mjesec
6:39 Why is Jack Gordon so funny LMAO
Afraz the Gamer
Afraz the Gamer Prije mjesec
5:35 That transition though xD
kitgames Prije mjesec
I feel bad for Mando he has had to say sorry to durburger about lexa and now he has to say sorry about Gordon😔
sulaiman arshaid
sulaiman arshaid Prije mjesec
His name is grogu not baby yoda or the child Don't make videos like this
Idk Prije mjesec
Stormtrooper: AH PUT ME DOWN *Starts Tposing*
Sienna Behr
Sienna Behr Prije mjesec
Zeia Alvarado
Zeia Alvarado Prije mjesec
This channel is the most horrendous thing I've ever seen
Oliver Doano
Oliver Doano Prije mjesec
6:48 eXcUsE mE wHaT tHe FrIcK aRe YoU dOiNg?!?!
Fr3d Prije mjesec
6:22 hey menace what is this?is this poo poo? 6:40 yep that’s poo poo.
Avery Bowen
Avery Bowen Prije mjesec
Stop making videos are so bad
Brayden Tube
Brayden Tube Prije mjesec
In star wars right now is**spoilers for all star wars series ** actually with Ezra somewhere we don’t know
Rafael Iniguez
Rafael Iniguez Prije mjesec
Imagine newscape pro brings back the ice king to bring snow to the island that is if the snow actually comes this Christmas
hammad hussain
hammad hussain Prije mjesec
Baby yoda is just so cute I can't stop smiling I wish I could huge himmmmmm
Daniel's animal's '
Daniel's animal's ' Prije mjesec
Jack Gordan is a real og is still here
Sygamez 03
Sygamez 03 Prije mjesec
The reliable stormtrooper is Tony’s voice and krampus’ voice is meowscales
King Random
King Random Prije mjesec
*E moment*
King Random
King Random Prije mjesec
My name Mr cheese
VideoCAMpbell Prije mjesec
When’s skye coming back?
Emerald YT
Emerald YT Prije mjesec
Hi, I was wondering if its possible to role play with NewScapePro, or sometime in the future?, and if not then ok, but i hope everyone at NewScape studios is doing good, and merry Christmas.
IAN_z Prije mjesec
Hello there
Gabriel Cruz
Gabriel Cruz Prije mjesec
Jack Gordon is what makes this ep ❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
da boy sus
da boy sus Prije mjesec
Meme_man Prije mjesec
0:05 dat voice crack tho
Lego Supreme Leader Kylo Ren
Lego Supreme Leader Kylo Ren Prije mjesec
I wonder what those final lines of Grand Admiral Thrawn mean... Maybe he has a darksider to answer to and the darksider is the one who needs Grogu to train him in the ways of the Dark Side? Maybe Kylo Ren gets a bigger role since they only used him for one scene? But that obviously won't happen since It's the Empire not the First Order but it would be cool to finally see him in action in a NewScapePro video
oliver jack
oliver jack Prije mjesec
I've commented on the Mr egg and Mr cheese rap battle pls read
oliver jack
oliver jack Prije mjesec
I've subscribed to this and the 1 with me cheese
Alexis DeLaO
Alexis DeLaO Prije mjesec
Alexis DeLaO
Alexis DeLaO Prije mjesec
Leviathan Stream
Leviathan Stream Prije mjesec
The title is "Baby Yoda" turns to the dark side!?! AND HE DOESN'T EVEN TURN TO THE DARK SIDE! THEY CAPTURE HIM AND GET A HOLOGRAM OF GRAND ADMIRAL THRON AND HE SAYS: He will be in much use to our victory of the war. THEN THE VIDEO ENDS. THIS IS A WASTE OF TIME!
idiot Prije mjesec
Thumbnail Looks Like Chucky No Cap
LilEdwinn Playz
LilEdwinn Playz Prije mjesec
And I thought you were a good HRpostr newscapepro and now you do this to grogu 😤
the forblox the forblox
the forblox the forblox Prije mjesec
Jack Gordon smelled the poop
Ryan Gloeckle
Ryan Gloeckle Prije mjesec
hope you all have a good christmas this year!
OoFy_IdIoT Prije mjesec
When I saw the thumbnail: wot?????
HB Showtime
HB Showtime Prije mjesec
The thumbnail scares the living daylight out of me
If the grand Somthing I’m LYK 99% sure midas’s actor plays him but bring back Midas pls
ParsonDewey Prije mjesec
I remember when I actually used to watch these when they were sort of decent, it looks like it went downhill :/
Daksh Sandeep�Phutane
Daksh Sandeep�Phutane Prije mjesec
Jack gourdon is now my favourite character now u guys should include him in more episodes
Julie Zhun Li
Julie Zhun Li Prije mjesec
YT Silver
YT Silver Prije mjesec
Please... I wish Lexa or Kit could save him...
ahoora player
ahoora player Prije mjesec
Goodboyhalo Prije mjesec
''The Stormtroopers who have captured Grogu (Baby Yoda) are attempting to contact Grand Admiral Thrawn.'' mate thrawn aint existing in fortnite. Nevermind you made a superhero skin version
Your daily Fortnite
Your daily Fortnite Prije mjesec
I know what he is o won’t spoil
LTK cory
LTK cory Prije mjesec
The pic look raw like so raw
kevin_shiii Prije mjesec
Just you and me cuh😂😂
Daenar Plays
Daenar Plays Prije mjesec
My favorite voiceline from baby yoda is his scream 2:18
Alex Clark
Alex Clark Prije mjesec
My mans thumbnail tho
Jayjaylay789 Prije mjesec
The storm trooper with baby yoda sounds like meowscles
Spirit of Inspiration
Spirit of Inspiration Prije mjesec
6:20 Lol classic Jack Gourdon
Jayda AKA Spirit of Inspiration
Jayda AKA Spirit of Inspiration Prije mjesec
lol ikr? He's hillarious!
Francisco Morales
Francisco Morales Prije mjesec
This so so epic!!!!❤️🤯👍🏾🔥
NINJA FOX Prije mjesec
When does the child turn to the dark side?
NINJA FOX Prije mjesec
Reeeeeee his name is grogu
Garfields On YT (Catinator)
Garfields On YT (Catinator) Prije mjesec
@NINJA FOX oh sry den
NINJA FOX Prije mjesec
it’s a joke
Garfields On YT (Catinator)
Garfields On YT (Catinator) Prije mjesec
Ur not special we all know
Diamond TNT
Diamond TNT Prije mjesec
Darth yoda/grogu shall become real
Angela Crossen
Angela Crossen Prije mjesec
This will nether hapen in star wars canden
Brian Winser
Brian Winser Prije mjesec
Can you do more with mave in it she is my favorite character in Fortnite not just the battle pass!!!!!
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