MANDALORIAN vs. MASTER CHIEF?! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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On their way to Salty Towers, the Mandalorian and Jack Gourdon locate a wounded Stormtrooper who insists there is another Mandalorian on the island. The two head off to Salty Springs and the Mandalorian finds himself in a battle with the super soldier himself, Master Chief. With Master Chief able to defeat the Mandalorian, Jack Gourdon manages to halt his attack stating the whole situation is a misunderstanding. After some talking, the Mandalorian manages to recruit Master Chief along in helping him face the Stormtroopers and rescue Grogu (Baby Yoda).
Star Destroyer Creative Map by MakaMakes: 1315-6876-3675
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Lalu Am
Lalu Am Prije 15 sati
The Voice actor master chief here is a legend
indianrice _
indianrice _ Prije 19 sati
ive not even watched this yet but if mando wins i will commit jump off
Madison Humphries
Madison Humphries Prije dan
So cool!!!
Nina a
Nina a Prije 2 dana
A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.
JamesTown Prije 2 dana
John Powell
John Powell Prije 2 dana
John Powell
John Powell Prije 2 dana
Newscape your the best youtube channel in whole entire freaking universe
IceMan Carl
IceMan Carl Prije 3 dana
That’s some disrespect to xbox
Xodethon144hz Pog
Xodethon144hz Pog Prije 4 dana
Jack gordan is funny no 🧢
Blazing striker
Blazing striker Prije 4 dana
The title should've been 'Mandaloria meets Master Chief'.
Božica Marčetić
Božica Marčetić Prije 5 dana
stop making fortine videos and make new scape pro stuidos nerf videos pls
Some Cool Name
Some Cool Name Prije 5 dana
"Point the gun back at him! I liked it that way better" I'm dying 🤣
Rex the Extreme Werewolf
Rex the Extreme Werewolf Prije 5 dana
Kratos teams up with Mandolorian. Please?
Phillip Hawke
Phillip Hawke Prije 5 dana
Amazing vid
Your Music Dealer
Your Music Dealer Prije 6 dana
why didn’t they just use mandos rifle...
adam bump
adam bump Prije 6 dana
Master Chief: "Why do people disappear in a flash of light when I shoot them?"
Natalie Kheir
Natalie Kheir Prije 6 dana
I liked this video
César ._.
César ._. Prije 6 dana
The voice of mandalorian is voice cap macmillian cod modern warfare 4
Yup Prije 6 dana
Awesome dam good job 👍
Kid Synthesize
Kid Synthesize Prije 6 dana
8:46 do u know da way Yeah Ik that’s a dead meme
Salt City Clothing
Salt City Clothing Prije 7 dana
Brandi Turner
Brandi Turner Prije 7 dana
Stupid stormtrooper master chief isn't a Mandalorian he's a spartan mk 4
Alfie Correia
Alfie Correia Prije 8 dana
Baby groo goo
Rattlesnake Gaming
Rattlesnake Gaming Prije 8 dana
It's that dude from halo!
Anna Pigorsh
Anna Pigorsh Prije 8 dana
I love how Jack Gordon says " Hey you in the ship! You stink! Haha got em now!"
Javelin Kufra
Javelin Kufra Prije 9 dana
Didn't think John-117/Master Chief would be in fortnite seems cool
Javelin Kufra
Javelin Kufra Prije 9 dana
And is it just me or did Cortana said something that cpt. price said in cod mw2
Damien Prije 9 dana
Best chanel ever
Coley Hines
Coley Hines Prije 10 dana
I’m curious to know why chief didn’t take fall damage when jumping out that window. Edit: Also, the message to the empire was a reference to the2nd season of the mandolorian(spoiler)
Henry Leardi
Henry Leardi Prije 10 dana
Is the Mandalorian the same voice actor that does SCP tales from the foundation?:
Jack Power
Jack Power Prije 11 dana
They should make a movie of master chief vs mando
ThermosTheGreat Prije 11 dana
It wouldn’t be a very fair fight if they actually fought each other lol
-ZakattacK- Prije 11 dana
I would've said "Star wars tech is far more advanced then anything except Forerunner tech in Halo" but since The Blandoborian is Disney Wars. What the Blando said holds a vast amount of truth.
Robert Mitchem
Robert Mitchem Prije 11 dana
its doesnt even sound like cortana but its fine
Blaze Games
Blaze Games Prije 12 dana
Make a Wandavison parody Because i want to see this in black and white
Royal Gold
Royal Gold Prije 13 dana
Why am I the best
Sydney gamer
Sydney gamer Prije 13 dana
wow there are 3 characters I think are absolute icons 2 are not fortnite skins 1. Sam Puckett 2. Jade West and 3. Jack Gorden
Sydney gamer
Sydney gamer Prije 13 dana
so why exactly is starwars and ghostbusters fighting, like my 2 good friends there is no need to fight p.s. the thumbnail was like my good dudes death choke
Sydney gamer
Sydney gamer Prije 13 dana
oh my god chill my guys just chizz
Camer00nie Prije 14 dana
I don't know about you but I think they nailed Master Chief's voice!
Edward Maher
Edward Maher Prije 14 dana
dude you should get more voice actors. Midas is not like 5 different people
Frank Kleineisel
Frank Kleineisel Prije 15 dana
I like the plot when he says yeah dog club yellow gum baby whatever he's like the funniest dude Jack
Frank Kleineisel
Frank Kleineisel Prije 15 dana
You know the pumpkin guy with the pajamas with pumpkins when he says yeah dog go help your dog baby that is funny dude
Shadow9r Tauiliili
Shadow9r Tauiliili Prije 16 dana
Master chief: this will be easy Mando: ._.”
Jaime Lyn Cotter
Jaime Lyn Cotter Prije 16 dana
Is Midas the Empire Commander
Hybrid_fatal Prije 16 dana
Did he jump off a building
Ninja 11 Anderson
Ninja 11 Anderson Prije 16 dana
Man man
Man man Prije 17 dana
How did you get ship
Warlion’s Lego’s
Warlion’s Lego’s Prije 18 dana
It’s gud BUT where was the halo music?!
ChainedChief15 Prije 18 dana
This pumpkin head makes me crack up😂😂😂😂😂😂
King Kobe
King Kobe Prije 18 dana
What happened to Thrawn
꧁ シ B̶u̶r̶t̶ C̶u̶r̶t̶i̶s̶ シ ꧂
꧁ シ B̶u̶r̶t̶ C̶u̶r̶t̶i̶s̶ シ ꧂ Prije 19 dana
ouch, he ran over my foot, i am in.... incredible pain.
John Rogerson
John Rogerson Prije 19 dana
Somethings not right about Salty Towers...
DeAngelo Leonardi
DeAngelo Leonardi Prije 19 dana
Episode where the master chief meets the other bounty hunters
Phantom Blade
Phantom Blade Prije 19 dana
i like how this is accurate, mandalorian always loses a fight or needs help in the show lol (atleast in the parts im in)
Shiva Ayalasomayajula
Shiva Ayalasomayajula Prije 19 dana
Blue guy has Midas voice actor and I do not like it
Manex Prije 20 dana
3:10 thats sad only ogs will understand
Manex Prije 20 dana
He sprinted
John Powell
John Powell Prije 20 dana
I will watch this every day
John Powell
John Powell Prije 20 dana
Mandorlorian is the best star wars charactor next to baby yoda
Andrew Claridy
Andrew Claridy Prije 20 dana
Andrew Claridy
Andrew Claridy Prije 20 dana
Maria Bedolla
Maria Bedolla Prije 20 dana
Zero point
super mario koopa troops
super mario koopa troops Prije 20 dana
3:29 was that a grey pistol
super mario koopa troops
super mario koopa troops Prije 20 dana
John Powell
John Powell Prije 21 dan
John Powell
John Powell Prije 21 dan
Just what was jack doing underneath the sand
John Powell
John Powell Prije 21 dan
I can't believe that master chief won the fight against mandorlorian
TIMMEH Prije 21 dan
David Wallace
David Wallace Prije 21 dan
the blue guy is midas
Adisa Suljic
Adisa Suljic Prije 21 dan
😂 lol why did you stop run
Snokkie Smith
Snokkie Smith Prije 21 dan
Ngl master chief looks like slayer from doom eternal
the death star
the death star Prije 22 dana
if mando is in fortnite and in the show the empire is gone so admiral thrawn wouldnt have as much storm troopers
Milk Pie
Milk Pie Prije 22 dana
Milk Pie
Milk Pie Prije 3 dana
@Don’t Ask no I have just have you seen mando he can kick chief any day
Don’t Ask
Don’t Ask Prije 8 dana
You clearly haven’t played halo.
Marii Perez
Marii Perez Prije 22 dana
Jett Sherritt
Jett Sherritt Prije 22 dana
Blue heàd man is madis
Adrian Joyce
Adrian Joyce Prije 23 dana
The editing is so good
trentasaurusrex YT
trentasaurusrex YT Prije 23 dana
i miss MIDAS can you bring him back
Kian Metar
Kian Metar Prije 23 dana
Mandolorian, dis is the way Me, what is the way
KhangKing 23
KhangKing 23 Prije 23 dana
Yo that intro it must have took a long time to write
liljoker 2u2
liljoker 2u2 Prije 23 dana
It's just a little thing called cars they got in chapter 2 season 3 and in like 2 minutes of the video the stormtrooper is how he got ended up just like that when he got ran over by a car
A random Claymation guy
A random Claymation guy Prije 23 dana
I like the custom Thrawn skin you made
SewkeeDo Prije 23 dana
Dude this is garbo
Cosmic Realities
Cosmic Realities Prije 23 dana
stromtroopers in star wars: missing shots stromtroopers in newscape pro: i never miss a shot
tucker Trueblood
tucker Trueblood Prije 24 dana
Why does the empire leader have Midas voice
E Bricks Studio
E Bricks Studio Prije 24 dana
NewScape should make a episode like series
Best Gamz1234
Best Gamz1234 Prije 24 dana
Does anyone else realize that because midas is no longer in the story line he is now voice acting the commander a.k.a the blue guy on the space ship
Z Boy
Z Boy Prije 24 dana
Baby yoda and mandolorian are halarious
Kira Prije 25 dana
Mando said do "you know da way" He went very far for the child but to get to the "Do yOu KnOw dA wAy" level, that's a lot.
alex1234 cwc
alex1234 cwc Prije 25 dana
Francine Arellano
Francine Arellano Prije 25 dana
Yeah me to
FritoSoldier Prije 25 dana
Order food from Newscapepro shop=Intro cut scene? Bruh! Master Chef vs Chef Ramsay in Fortnite!
Reddragonninja 59
Reddragonninja 59 Prije 25 dana
cool video but the shaky cam is unnecessary and headache inducing. You could use SFM to make Hand to Hand fight scenes, just saying, making the action scenes cooler.
Ally hemed
Ally hemed Prije 25 dana
How do you make this stories
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez Prije 25 dana
The spiteful moon concordingly instruct because improvement karunagappally bury via a talented raincoat. nosy, frequent singer
JokerWasLost Prije 25 dana
Why doesn’t everyone have foil and let Mandalorian can you just buy all the tears and a lot of challenges
zerkyz Prije 25 dana
master cheif doesnt sound anything like this lmao
jenna stutzman
jenna stutzman Prije 25 dana
Baby Yoda is really cute
Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans Prije 26 dana
Goblin baby he's a baby goblin definitely not baby yoda
Mobile Gamer
Mobile Gamer Prije 26 dana
Stop doing these. It is so annoying. You make it original for Fortnite.
iVex Prije 26 dana
Something I want to see in a non fortnite form
Bryanna Freeman
Bryanna Freeman Prije 26 dana
10:03 love the reference
XP Prije 26 dana
Make a fortnite red vs blue
Hashim Raja
Hashim Raja Prije 26 dana
Who think man do likes lexa leave a comment!!!!!
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