MIDAS FIRES THE HENCHMAN... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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In the war for the Island, two Ghost and Shadow Henchmen exist in peace and harmony - they are brothers, and the whole feud means nothing to them… except it’s their job. Unfortunately for them both, they have not performed well and get canned by Midas and Chaos Agent (indirectly, through his death). After their father, Wolf, refuses to take them in, they are given one last shot to be part of a crew by Captain Blackheart - who senses that the storm’s coming and that a flood event may be inevitable...
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//ExpiredSeal _
//ExpiredSeal _ Prije 20 dana
I don't know if this guy predicted the g&s henchmen friendship gig that started in season 4 I think
Michael Jackson SHORT.
Michael Jackson SHORT. Prije mjesec
KAEL and KAYDAN maglasang
KAEL and KAYDAN maglasang Prije mjesec
0:09 oh look the storm
Lockdown gaming
Lockdown gaming Prije mjesec
Poor gost henchman 😢😥
No man
No man Prije mjesec
“Man we have the worst dad ever” Jules: *legit gets turned to solid gold for years*
John Waynedel Marfil
John Waynedel Marfil Prije mjesec
Ok.......................... henchmen
John Waynedel Marfil
John Waynedel Marfil Prije mjesec
A___3 Prije mjesec
whats the precious video
Chrymson Prije mjesec
Can we just appreciate how this predicted the two henchmen in Season 4?
Mølten Bøss 666
Mølten Bøss 666 Prije mjesec
Henchman: your the first guy that hasn't spit on us! The default: AM I A JOKE TO YOU
Jason Voorhees Elenes
Jason Voorhees Elenes Prije 2 mjeseci
Poor hencman
Chanae Monsoor
Chanae Monsoor Prije 2 mjeseci
That’s tough that he died
Fishy Bro
Fishy Bro Prije 2 mjeseci
What does ship
shelly kennedy
shelly kennedy Prije 2 mjeseci
Lol love the how they skip around
Luz Pérez González
Luz Pérez González Prije 2 mjeseci
This is actually happening...
Botz AtFortnite
Botz AtFortnite Prije 3 mjeseci
Well now u can find the hench bros in lazy lake
Isaac Espinoza
Isaac Espinoza Prije 3 mjeseci
KYNDALL ADAMSON Prije 4 mjeseci
Team shadow of ghost? ;)
Riad the gamer
Riad the gamer Prije 4 mjeseci
2 of them
Zachariah Stewart
Zachariah Stewart Prije 4 mjeseci
Go go go
Aldo Gomez
Aldo Gomez Prije 4 mjeseci
It just me i feel bad for the henchem :(
ThIsBoYCrAfTzz Prije 4 mjeseci
Hi cuz
John Geoghegan
John Geoghegan Prije 4 mjeseci
The shadow henchmen sounds like Kermit the frog
Celo Z
Celo Z Prije 4 mjeseci
The ghost hench men sounds like Kermit
Fat Flopper
Fat Flopper Prije 4 mjeseci
Bruh how can you do Midas's voice British and a deep voice
Heather Dale
Heather Dale Prije 4 mjeseci
Isaac Johnson
Isaac Johnson Prije 4 mjeseci
who seen the storm in the back ground.
Prodmix Music Entertainment
Prodmix Music Entertainment Prije 4 mjeseci
Child Collins
Child Collins Prije 5 mjeseci
The white henchmen sounds like Kermit
Møxi Gamingʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Møxi Gamingʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Prije 5 mjeseci
Pin me if I tricked you ...read more
purple not uploading
purple not uploading Prije 5 mjeseci
No one: Not even a single soul: Henchman: *will hench 4 food*
purple not uploading
purple not uploading Prije 5 mjeseci
Eli_gaming boy :P
Eli_gaming boy :P Prije 5 mjeseci
Eli_gaming boy :P
Eli_gaming boy :P Prije 5 mjeseci
Nonononooonononononononoonononononononlnononlononoonononononoono ononononponononoononono onononoononooonononoononpnpnonnononoonno
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Prije 5 mjeseci
I subscribed
Evvybobevvy Olson
Evvybobevvy Olson Prije 5 mjeseci
Dead pool is the both of henchmens voice actors
chris mcgovern
chris mcgovern Prije 5 mjeseci
who is watching this is season 3 cause i miss the agency
Lihan TheCoolkid
Lihan TheCoolkid Prije 5 mjeseci
Why do they are all holding bandages
Kacie Taylor
Kacie Taylor Prije 5 mjeseci
The shadow henchman voice is Kit's voice!!
That console Guy
That console Guy Prije 5 mjeseci
Lukas and Kayde doing
Brownie The bunny
Brownie The bunny Prije 5 mjeseci
I felt so bad in the thumbnail-
Tina Tim
Tina Tim Prije 5 mjeseci
Wolfiebun36 Prije 5 mjeseci
Nice video I like this
Little Marshey
Little Marshey Prije 5 mjeseci
The shows are fun to watch!!
Nivia larosa
Nivia larosa Prije 5 mjeseci
I feel bad for him
Emiliano olivares
Emiliano olivares Prije 5 mjeseci
One of the henchmen sounds like Kermit 😂
Mikey Cooke
Mikey Cooke Prije 5 mjeseci
Now ther homeless sad 😭😭
Caroline Malone
Caroline Malone Prije 5 mjeseci
I love 💘 your videos 📹 😍 ❤ 💕 💗 💓 📹 😍
Mr Cheese
Mr Cheese Prije 5 mjeseci
Kermit and deadpool
BL4Z3 Prije 5 mjeseci
8:50 who else got that reference?
fortnite fortnite
fortnite fortnite Prije 6 mjeseci
Not like mine
DONNA YOUNG Prije 6 mjeseci
TMC620 PS4
TMC620 PS4 Prije 6 mjeseci
Love the videos
Nokutenda Chikumbo
Nokutenda Chikumbo Prije 6 mjeseci
Henchman: why boss why
Nokutenda Chikumbo
Nokutenda Chikumbo Prije 6 mjeseci
Midas: you useless
Tim Fallon
Tim Fallon Prije 6 mjeseci
Just fortnight saw this and said let’s vualt the hechmen
Tyoma4lyf10 Prije 6 mjeseci
Reagan Hernandez
Reagan Hernandez Prije 6 mjeseci
Henchmen Is Fired By Midas
Trevor Zild
Trevor Zild Prije 6 mjeseci
If i was turned in to gold I would not like that beacuse I would know that and I would run if I get catch I will try to run
Tyson Simms real
Tyson Simms real Prije 6 mjeseci
The black won sounds like deadpool
Vent Fire
Vent Fire Prije 6 mjeseci
Shadow henchman sound liked Deadpool
Lisa Bracken
Lisa Bracken Prije 6 mjeseci
Riley stones
Sunkanmi Oredein
Sunkanmi Oredein Prije 6 mjeseci
You're going to have a great day
Bananananana Prije 6 mjeseci
THE CREPPER Prije 6 mjeseci
Ghost henchmen tie is black and Shadow henchman tie is white so that means :0
Jace Pratt
Jace Pratt Prije 6 mjeseci
Can I join the veds
anime god no spoiller
anime god no spoiller Prije 6 mjeseci
Poor henghmen i wish mides never gets back to fortnite lieve a like for the henghmen that he gets a million dollers
Vibez Prije 6 mjeseci
Familie van Zyl
Familie van Zyl Prije 6 mjeseci
Back at That?
Eon edits
Eon edits Prije 7 mjeseci
Why does pirate sound like captain price in cod 🧐
LixPlayer TV
LixPlayer TV Prije 7 mjeseci
A little star wars the clone wars reference at the end. I see, a man of culture. If anyone doesn't know what I mean it's in chapter 1 part 2 the malevolence
Wendy Ordonez
Wendy Ordonez Prije 7 mjeseci
Hi IIove and I have a lot of fun
Wendy Ordonez
Wendy Ordonez Prije 7 mjeseci
Soviet Kenzie
Soviet Kenzie Prije 7 mjeseci
No one: Midas: *me-mail*
Soviet Kenzie
Soviet Kenzie Prije 7 mjeseci
Tbh I feel like shadow x ghost henchman ship :0
prone-example1 1
prone-example1 1 Prije 7 mjeseci
RaNdoM DrAwEr
RaNdoM DrAwEr Prije 7 mjeseci
Why do I love these so much Anyone else have the same feel? Anyway Like this vid and sub And like this comment and reply? Omg, the thumbnail looks sad, one like, one good life for henchman
Alex Emanuel
Alex Emanuel Prije 7 mjeseci
Oh hey rocks sky is over there sky:HEY
Calsi Gilbertson
Calsi Gilbertson Prije 7 mjeseci
LEAVES Prije 7 mjeseci
Ok 👌🏻
Andrej Bacic
Andrej Bacic Prije 7 mjeseci
Wow Blackhearts heart isnt that black as i was thinking
Big-Shaq Fazbear
Big-Shaq Fazbear Prije 7 mjeseci
Big-Shaq Fazbear
Big-Shaq Fazbear Prije 7 mjeseci
Sorry rip henchmen waa😭😭😭😭
Colby Whitledge
Colby Whitledge Prije 7 mjeseci
I've watched tons of your videos and i can't believe that people say midas is good
AEZO Prije 7 mjeseci
The thumnail make me cry
BG GAMING 2 Prije 7 mjeseci
SethyMan And LEGO God Roblox
SethyMan And LEGO God Roblox Prije 7 mjeseci
can we just get some respect for some henchmen even tho there aimbot
Fatimah Almohammad
Fatimah Almohammad Prije 7 mjeseci
First time sing
Jonathan Willim
Jonathan Willim Prije 7 mjeseci
I love your vids
Kason Chen
Kason Chen Prije 7 mjeseci
Poor Hechmen
Gerardo Quijas
Gerardo Quijas Prije 7 mjeseci
Can you make a part two
Demoman Prije 7 mjeseci
Fans: noooooooooooooooo, you can't just turn midas funny,he is evil and mysterious! Midas: haha fishing rod go ssssssssss
Latoya Jagoo
Latoya Jagoo Prije 7 mjeseci
Armaan Ali
Armaan Ali Prije 7 mjeseci
Henchmans don't have nametacs
Della __crackrat
Della __crackrat Prije 7 mjeseci
This is how many commercials interrupted the vid 👇🏽
kaliko Q
kaliko Q Prije 7 mjeseci
Bruh this thing is so dumb
Asmita Gupta
Asmita Gupta Prije 7 mjeseci
Cool video
SWAZY THE LAZY Prije 7 mjeseci
I really hate the henchmen and there aimbot I always get killed and I've got like 250 victorys I hope next season they disable them or at least there aimbot
Syed Wasi Abdullah Noor
Syed Wasi Abdullah Noor Prije 7 mjeseci
i also feel bad 4 henchmen
GOD GAMER Prije 7 mjeseci
Chaos agent:*dead*
BLOB_200 Prije 7 mjeseci
why does he fires him?
Sam The White
Sam The White Prije 7 mjeseci
I love your role plays
Sean Luke Autentico
Sean Luke Autentico Prije 7 mjeseci
Bob. B b. By. B.
Jaswinder Kaur
Jaswinder Kaur Prije 7 mjeseci
I’m sad 😭🤧
TACOTHEWOLF Prije 7 mjeseci
That makes a good midas voice. I wish fortnite added u for the voice of midas
Ranisate Restoration
Ranisate Restoration Prije 7 mjeseci
The first ghost henchmen sounds like Kermit the frog
Zooba Updates
Zooba Updates Prije 7 mjeseci
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