THE FALL OF MIDAS... (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Skye has come to challenge Midas’ brother Redux, who is trying to use the Tempest suit to control the storm and destroy the Agency! It’s up to the combined forces of Midas, Meowscles, Skye and Maya to end this doomsday master plan for good!
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Denari Poe
Denari Poe Prije 22 sati
My brother almost killed me in real life beat me to death
Jaxpd1tv Prije 11 dana
Midas is a little bit too pokey
Quantum_ Particle
Quantum_ Particle Prije 23 dana
Midas: I killed my own Brother Ice King Drift and Ultima Knight: Welcome to the team
Anthony Womack
Anthony Womack Prije mjesec
It should had been the fall of redux cuz redux died
amal nbhan Abod family
amal nbhan Abod family Prije mjesec
Oh no no no no no no no no no noooooooooo
Shuaib Hassan
Shuaib Hassan Prije 2 mjeseci
This is sad Midas didn’t want to kill his brother but he had no choice in this world people don’t have a choice like Midas if he didn’t kill his brother the agency could have ended
Mast3rKK Prije 2 mjeseci
Title: THE FALL OF MIDAS Thumbnail: (literal way) THE FALL OF SKYE
Aaliyah li
Aaliyah li Prije 2 mjeseci
Ender Prije 3 mjeseci
5:40 [C E N S O R E D]
Isaac Espinoza
Isaac Espinoza Prije 3 mjeseci
Ikonnik Yt
Ikonnik Yt Prije 3 mjeseci
Midas. Mike. Redux. Gold
Ikonnik Yt
Ikonnik Yt Prije 3 mjeseci
I like. How MIDAS push brother. Redux
Wendy Rodriguez
Wendy Rodriguez Prije 4 mjeseci
This is weird
Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the thumbnail, only if he had threw her off tho
Hagan Van den berg
Hagan Van den berg Prije 4 mjeseci
I love your videos I watch them 3 everyday I also use your code (:
Harry Jagger
Harry Jagger Prije 4 mjeseci
5:04 skye be like: i've just been into space before higher on the street
• Tiny Dinosaur •
• Tiny Dinosaur • Prije 5 mjeseci
"We may not look like much, but we've got it where it counts." Isn't that a Star Wars quote?
Isabella Philippe
Isabella Philippe Prije 5 mjeseci
I love this episode
Azucena Falales
Azucena Falales Prije 5 mjeseci
I like how they kept on roasting eachother in a first scene ya know Skye vs Demi scene
NotScummy Prije 5 mjeseci
Title: the fall of Midas Thumb nail: The Fall Of Skye
Nebula Prije 5 mjeseci
Geb Prije 5 mjeseci
At the end did anyone else see that lama in the background
ERR324 Prije 5 mjeseci
What’s the creative map code for that map.
super jiji mouse YT
super jiji mouse YT Prije 5 mjeseci
Nooooo ripliy is dead : (
AMysteriousdocte !
AMysteriousdocte ! Prije 6 mjeseci
How do I make so good videos how
Gamerboy 32
Gamerboy 32 Prije 6 mjeseci
This channel is depressing
Mangal Nooran
Mangal Nooran Prije 6 mjeseci
Awwww so cute I can't believe it when Midas says thank you the cute thing in the of fortnite
Slade Slasher
Slade Slasher Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo Midas Is Freaken Badass In Here. Better Than Lizard Story
F43R Danger
F43R Danger Prije 6 mjeseci
Deadpool was me when I found out
BenBrown0 Prije 6 mjeseci
That episode was SICK
Epic Abraham
Epic Abraham Prije 6 mjeseci
It’s incredible how when Midas died everyone who was turned to gold wasn’t gold no more
Creator go Brrr-
Creator go Brrr- Prije 6 mjeseci
So midas ate her hot water 🤔
erin carter
erin carter Prije 6 mjeseci
you got that right its so weird how its called the fall of midas thumbnail -SKYE IS DYING OMG!!!and its other freaking stuff i like it cause its so rediculis
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Prije 6 mjeseci
The event was delayed 3 times
Fnaf Lover
Fnaf Lover Prije 6 mjeseci
Skye is my favourite 🤗
Nathan Sowell
Nathan Sowell Prije 6 mjeseci
New skate pro is the best channel ever
saeed azam
saeed azam Prije 6 mjeseci
Deadpool is stupid like a hippopotamus
IsaiahgamerXD Prije 6 mjeseci
And he had to kill his own brother
Hector Martinez
Hector Martinez Prije 6 mjeseci
What happens to the original tempest.
FaZe Sway
FaZe Sway Prije 6 mjeseci
Me:sees Midas choking skye me:i need to save her cause if she can’t save her self ima do the same Midas:IM A GOD skye:HELP -in Chinese way-外國觀光團團體參觀說故事高手的姊姊外國觀光團團體存款剋給天才看參觀過天喔圖外觀規格
Brittany Mmitchell
Brittany Mmitchell Prije 7 mjeseci
Win I sawl rippley win he was gold I feel off my roof into the pool
Benjamin Moniz
Benjamin Moniz Prije 7 mjeseci
rip demi
Mike Haker
Mike Haker Prije 7 mjeseci
I saw a lama. At the last clip
ThePotatoKing160 Prije 7 mjeseci
What vid is after this?
IExistStudios Prije 7 mjeseci
Funny self promotion
dragonSlayer 90
dragonSlayer 90 Prije 7 mjeseci
The thumbnail is logic she supposed to be gold by now
The CrazyGhost Host
The CrazyGhost Host Prije 7 mjeseci
Boss man🥺
king midas 1093
king midas 1093 Prije 7 mjeseci
Was brother last family left? Because rio die same with his daughter and his mother and brother
Rose_Night7 Prije 7 mjeseci
Has no one noticed that they were breaking the fourth wall
EGirlMia Prije 7 mjeseci
BLOB_200 Prije 7 mjeseci
Zander Vlogs
Zander Vlogs Prije 7 mjeseci
I think there gonna give us a free battle pass
FVG_Banana _
FVG_Banana _ Prije 7 mjeseci
The lama in the background lol
Blue Bear
Blue Bear Prije 7 mjeseci
0:10 meowsclecs is epic games and deadpool is every fortnite player lol this is how pretty much everyone felt
Elnora Beldo
Elnora Beldo Prije 7 mjeseci
Love u video's
Lariyah Thompson
Lariyah Thompson Prije 7 mjeseci
Midas you monster
blue boi
blue boi Prije 7 mjeseci
😭 so sad
Kim Papit
Kim Papit Prije 7 mjeseci
Guys why did you take out Reply
SVX leader gamer Super vulture x sweat
SVX leader gamer Super vulture x sweat Prije 7 mjeseci
I love your videos thank you for making these wonderful videos
loyal_ goat
loyal_ goat Prije 7 mjeseci
Ripple nnnnnnnnnooooooo
Aurelie Byron
Aurelie Byron Prije 7 mjeseci
Anybody realise that after Midas killed Redux he now has no family, which is probably why he thinks of Skye as a daughter.
Aurelie Byron
Aurelie Byron Prije 7 mjeseci
And I love Sykes roasting
Logan Stevenson
Logan Stevenson Prije 7 mjeseci
This is how many channels newscapepro has ⬇️
TN - 04CG 836637 Northwood PS
TN - 04CG 836637 Northwood PS Prije 7 mjeseci
Dawit David
Dawit David Prije 7 mjeseci
People: Midas has the golden touch Me: *confused* Midas : touches his daughter and turns her to gold Me: Ohhh I get it Thumbnail :*Midas touches Skye but doesn't turn her to gold* Me: Maybe I don't get it what the heck
Miguelista Anjo
Miguelista Anjo Prije 7 mjeseci
He learned how to control it
summer ruby
summer ruby Prije 7 mjeseci
There's gonna be a third delay tjen the event starts thats because of deaths of people
Preston Prije 7 mjeseci
The llama ruined the mood 10:03
Elton John
Elton John Prije 7 mjeseci
😂😂😂 oh yeah!
Ghiezhelle Deogracias
Ghiezhelle Deogracias Prije 7 mjeseci
Redux is cyclo not midas after all.
king midas
king midas Prije 7 mjeseci
king midas
king midas Prije 7 mjeseci
Fana .Ashby
Fana .Ashby Prije 7 mjeseci
Why is he wearing the doomsday event machine
Average Dragon
Average Dragon Prije 7 mjeseci
I be e dead pool
Inkblup Dubs
Inkblup Dubs Prije 7 mjeseci
Wait,IS DEMI ALIVE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Sad boy edits
Sad boy edits Prije 7 mjeseci
f in chat Read More
Jai Cray
Jai Cray Prije 7 mjeseci
im singularity
im singularity Prije 7 mjeseci
Ollie ollie
Rayan Al-Sharki
Rayan Al-Sharki Prije 7 mjeseci
Please do more videos of Midas :( the season is about to end and I’m going to miss him
Pandayghg World
Pandayghg World Prije 7 mjeseci
Big man xplayz USE CODE XPLAYZ
Big man xplayz USE CODE XPLAYZ Prije 7 mjeseci
There was a laama at the end of the video
Goat At Fortnite God On YT Snxs
Goat At Fortnite God On YT Snxs Prije 7 mjeseci
Tayem Tarek
Tayem Tarek Prije 7 mjeseci
That will be so cool if it was oro
Artimus Prije 7 mjeseci
9:29 R.I.P
penguin cake
penguin cake Prije 7 mjeseci
But why did Midas kill Ripley my favorite character? :(
Aimee Mcmaster
Aimee Mcmaster Prije 7 mjeseci
penguin cake
penguin cake Prije 7 mjeseci
This was a sad episode.
Connor Bishop
Connor Bishop Prije 7 mjeseci
Why is drift there in gold
Taciae Grider
Taciae Grider Prije 7 mjeseci
No escape role is the coolest video or Earth
Taciae Grider
Taciae Grider Prije 7 mjeseci
The cool is it loose capel is the coolest video on HRpost
Chungs Family
Chungs Family Prije 7 mjeseci
Sith Killer
Sith Killer Prije 7 mjeseci
love your videos
Huksu Pl
Huksu Pl Prije 7 mjeseci
gedej po polsku !!!!
Joao Ribeiro
Joao Ribeiro Prije 7 mjeseci
Deadpool I am a fan
Riley General
Riley General Prije 7 mjeseci
I like how sky's hat says " Ollie "
Miguelista Anjo
Miguelista Anjo Prije 7 mjeseci
Here I am again ... If Midas was doing all this because Oro "killed" his daughter ... Imagine now that he knows that Oro also killed his mother.
didi zaid
didi zaid Prije 4 mjeseci
999 اصطورة
EviltwinL Prije 7 mjeseci
Irma Zavala
Irma Zavala Prije 7 mjeseci
Thats a big big door 😯
TheDillinghamFamily Prije 7 mjeseci
Sad 😢😢😢😢😢😢
Cayden Davenport
Cayden Davenport Prije 7 mjeseci
Pro Sam he doesn’t know ripples I’d dead
Sparkle Creeper
Sparkle Creeper Prije 7 mjeseci
0:29 that was my reaction
Nancy Ritcey
Nancy Ritcey Prije 7 mjeseci
Does doomsday event got cancelled
Ayaan Mohammed (am4444)
Ayaan Mohammed (am4444) Prije 7 mjeseci
I wantecd to see the epic event but then epicgames cancled it
Kamari Augustine
Kamari Augustine Prije 7 mjeseci
Did anyone notice the lama in the distance at the ending
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