SILVER SURFER vs. IRON MAN! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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The Herald of Galactus, Silver Surfer, swoops in on his glider to Fortnite Island! His presence is picked up by Tony Stark’s beacons and so Iron Man flies in to face the cosmic threat! An epic aerial battle commences while Jules and Thor look on, worried for the Avengers life...
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NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits
NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts, Films and Skits Prije 4 mjeseci
For all you Marvel "experts" who wants to call us out for the "wrong" result of the fight, you might consider checking out "The Avengers Annual #11" comic book. ;)
Zack Taylor
Zack Taylor Prije 2 mjeseci
Ok 👍🏻
Keqing Prije 3 mjeseci
Kazz yes but as they said look at the Avengers annual #11
Chase Braggs
Chase Braggs Prije 3 mjeseci
The Funny Thing Is That I Was About To Call Y'all Out😂
joseph hi
joseph hi Prije 3 mjeseci
joseph hi
joseph hi Prije 3 mjeseci
Ruth MATUMONA Prije mjesec
Avengers vs galactus
ELC Rainbow
ELC Rainbow Prije mjesec
you make great content big fan
Matthew Mclallen
Matthew Mclallen Prije 2 mjeseci
I love thor's voice so much
Raze Lazar
Raze Lazar Prije 2 mjeseci
6:12 part of a quote from a movie, Peggy Carter(Agent Carter's) niece Sharon Carter.
ARCTIC Cyber Prije 2 mjeseci
If you see this I have a question where did drift and lynx go?
Dylan Playz
Dylan Playz Prije 3 mjeseci
iron Man: I Did Tell you Who I Am Right Billionaire genius PLAY BOY! Jules: EW! Here if you Dont Know Where it is 4:15
Yoly Amorillo- Leobrera
Yoly Amorillo- Leobrera Prije 3 mjeseci
i think galactus is here in season5
Nadir Chahboun
Nadir Chahboun Prije 3 mjeseci
No at the end of Season 4
Antionette Sheppard
Antionette Sheppard Prije 3 mjeseci
its obvious that silver suffer win
Ezgames t
Ezgames t Prije 3 mjeseci
It was fall guys to amoung us
BAWIN - Prije 3 mjeseci
Don’t know if people agree but to me this is the best fight I’ve ever seen
Small boi
Small boi Prije 3 mjeseci
Do you guys work for epic
Lori Jones
Lori Jones Prije 3 mjeseci
Jules: We took the island back from shadow Me: BUT AREN’T YOU IN SHADOW JULES!?
Maxwell Boone
Maxwell Boone Prije 3 mjeseci
0:00. 9:00
Maxwell Boone
Maxwell Boone Prije 3 mjeseci
What are you watching we are destroyed the TV about once a girl
Kai Cordes
Kai Cordes Prije 3 mjeseci
Do they come up with Tony’s quips themselves?
Sargon Sargon
Sargon Sargon Prije 3 mjeseci
so you are the game toons
shachar movies
shachar movies Prije 4 mjeseci
You should wait until tony powers
peenatas Prije 4 mjeseci
Tony stark roasts Thor
Jacobiscool1308 Prije 4 mjeseci
I watched the fall guys logic lol
behemoth Prije 4 mjeseci
Battle of the materials
Comic Domix
Comic Domix Prije 4 mjeseci
"did I tell you who I am? billionaire genius, philantrophist, p l a y b o y" you tried my man
NibbleHarder_YT Prije 4 mjeseci
I'm not watching fall guys
Skyz1e Prije 4 mjeseci
Tony stark can easily kill galactus
Red Zone R.Z
Red Zone R.Z Prije 4 mjeseci
2:02 it’s Ike :0
j.t.skills_22 Prije 4 mjeseci
U obviously know nothing about marvel cuz silver suffer would absorb iron mans rays and send him to a different world also he fought along Thor in Asgard he knows exactly who he is.
Saimur Ahpon
Saimur Ahpon Prije 4 mjeseci
Meme Bruh
Meme Bruh Prije 4 mjeseci
Never stop doing these videos
RIPPPER KINGnz Matapuku Himona
RIPPPER KINGnz Matapuku Himona Prije 4 mjeseci
I love this
Arely Montoya
Arely Montoya Prije 4 mjeseci
Haha I love the beginning when there’s fall guys I play fall guys
Arely Montoya
Arely Montoya Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the part when tony stark says the place was empty when I came in we’ll accept for one guy to
GingerScience Prije 4 mjeseci
That's iron mans voice? You do his voice terribly.
Max Wick
Max Wick Prije 4 mjeseci
Iron man is my favorite character for this season
nadine rayess
nadine rayess Prije 4 mjeseci
4:16 me impressing my crush be like. Her 4:20 while 7:55 I laughed so badly
NovaOW Prije 4 mjeseci
Thor didnt name the hammer, it was named by the agsardians
Yas Balenciagas
Yas Balenciagas Prije 4 mjeseci
2:19 Doth mother know you weareth her drapes
n1ghtemb3r Prije 4 mjeseci
where's fade?
Tim Here
Tim Here Prije 4 mjeseci
Shrek is hot
Bboyplayzty Prije 4 mjeseci
Me: stops watching for 2 months. NSP's subs: 📈📈📈📈📈📈
Animated Fun Games
Animated Fun Games Prije 4 mjeseci
Thor:"with out ur suit u would've been dead" Iron man:"and with out ur hammer u would of been extra on game of thrones"
Sinquel Walker
Sinquel Walker Prije 4 mjeseci
I love the way how thor and iron man keep roasting each other 7:48
T V Prije 4 mjeseci
this channels stupid and you guys have an iq of 1.
chronicle gaming
chronicle gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
Wares fade
クリイムs Prije 4 mjeseci
all thor says is STARK YOU FOOL
notblur Prije 4 mjeseci
civil war cap vs. ironman lol
Cytre Prije 4 mjeseci
Tony sounds like meowsecles
Sebastian Martinez
Sebastian Martinez Prije 4 mjeseci
7:54-8:03 tonys comeback was crazy.
Oliver Crocket
Oliver Crocket Prije 4 mjeseci
I’m skip until is c jules and the gang cuss ye
StykFigStudio Prije 4 mjeseci
Thor (nsp): We know each other from work Thor (mcu): He’s a friend from work!
Auryn Prije 4 mjeseci
"without the hammer you'd be an extra on game of thrones" HAHAHAHA
Bboy Slay
Bboy Slay Prije 4 mjeseci
“Missing Persons” stark says
Ct Ducku1a ‘s Gaming Channel
Ct Ducku1a ‘s Gaming Channel Prije 4 mjeseci
👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 this is cool won
EZ- Fatoo
EZ- Fatoo Prije 4 mjeseci
My munitor Broke and cant get the Tony stark skin 😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
EZ- Fatoo
EZ- Fatoo Prije 4 mjeseci
The play boy cracked me up 😂😂😂😂
EZ- Fatoo
EZ- Fatoo Prije 4 mjeseci
Jarvis sounds like john wick
Nasnas Prije 4 mjeseci
How could they defeat silver surfer
Tiggers Adventures and more
Tiggers Adventures and more Prije 4 mjeseci
Silver surfer is bad and I think works for galactus
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex Prije 4 mjeseci
Let's hope that next episode has omen, who was originally my favorite character during season 4/ 5... now I hope he comes back as dread omen
Daxom 170
Daxom 170 Prije 4 mjeseci
This is really cool love the videos. I don’t want to be an ass but the arch reactor vs power cosmic tony would have been dead again. Also I would love to see a video with all marvel skins but all that aside keep up the good work
Sharmaine Dominique Esguerra
Sharmaine Dominique Esguerra Prije 4 mjeseci
It is galactus
MEGAN Parker
MEGAN Parker Prije 4 mjeseci
And without that hammer your just a game of thrones extra 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Smiley face Inc.
Smiley face Inc. Prije 4 mjeseci
"Someone has been drinking too much Kapri sun" -Tony stark 2020
Riley Shipley
Riley Shipley Prije 4 mjeseci
Silver surfer is a bad guy?!?!?! I thought he was hood
Mudkips Official Coffee Shop
Mudkips Official Coffee Shop Prije 4 mjeseci
I laughed so hard when he said “and you would be a extra on game of thrones.”
Dominic Lemus
Dominic Lemus Prije 4 mjeseci
cap vs tony classic civil war scene
Xander Lewis
Xander Lewis Prije 4 mjeseci
Do storm next
DaSaltyGam3r Prije 4 mjeseci
Xander Thomas
Xander Thomas Prije 4 mjeseci
Do a hot wire sense of die please I subscribe to your channel if Don't Don't make a video I'm gonna unsubscribed to your channel
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Prije 4 mjeseci
The battle with our man in the silver surfer that’s similar to the Iron Man to like war machine in Iron Man or Tony Stark shot shot like a explosion at each other and then exploded big boy
invisible doge
invisible doge Prije 4 mjeseci
Gatoguat 123
Gatoguat 123 Prije 4 mjeseci
Can you bring kit back
Shafaq Shumais
Shafaq Shumais Prije 4 mjeseci
I don’t a iPhone11 I just want a heart from scapepro ❤️❤️❤️❤️
MJ RANDOM? Prije 4 mjeseci
good tomato in my tomato form if you know you know
Project F02
Project F02 Prije 4 mjeseci
Uhhhhhh iron man would be vaporized in a matter of nano seconds if surfer chooses to 😆 🤣 😂
Karsyn DeFrancisco
Karsyn DeFrancisco Prije 4 mjeseci
I love you you are my favorite HRpost I'm you're binges fan
Diego MAcedo
Diego MAcedo Prije 4 mjeseci
Tommorow Is my Birthday,and i dont have friends My ID on Fornite:PegasoPro157
Kim Etheridge
Kim Etheridge Prije 4 mjeseci
make a do what ocean says or die pls
Nouha_ GG
Nouha_ GG Prije 4 mjeseci
Can you guys continue jules story and what happened to her
Brandy Mann
Brandy Mann Prije 4 mjeseci
Sub to NewScapePro
irenecara cadiz
irenecara cadiz Prije 4 mjeseci
or not so i am a dumb ass
irenecara cadiz
irenecara cadiz Prije 4 mjeseci
is this the real tony
the unknown
the unknown Prije 4 mjeseci
Playboy lol
Kalizay Tamatea
Kalizay Tamatea Prije 4 mjeseci
NewScapePro love your videos they are awesome keep up with the fantastic job I'm so excited for the next video 😁🙌
eventlesstew Prije 4 mjeseci
Iron man sounds like meowscles.
W. Foxy plush
W. Foxy plush Prije 4 mjeseci
Why does surfers surfer sounds like Gold guy
lazyatbeinglazy games
lazyatbeinglazy games Prije 4 mjeseci
I mean who wouldn’t be bragging if their heart was super close to being stabbed by shrapnel
Katrina waite
Katrina waite Prije 4 mjeseci
I think you should put silver surfer more in the story in movies he's Interesting so in this he should be more in the show or kill him off with sad death
hyperz Jayden
hyperz Jayden Prije 4 mjeseci
Did john wick die or something
Rodrigo Torres
Rodrigo Torres Prije 4 mjeseci
Obvious silver surfer will win it’s like he have some of the power of galactus and iron man it’s a very nice superhero bust silver surfer is more powerful
Kevin Owens
Kevin Owens Prije 4 mjeseci
They can't deal with the silver surfer it's a bunch of bull especially now not even then in the past and he's even more powerful now
SavenYTGamer Prije 4 mjeseci
Iron man kinda sound like mescoles
rapterrex 2
rapterrex 2 Prije 4 mjeseci
I thought silver sufer was stronger then iron man
Gracin Dugger
Gracin Dugger Prije 4 mjeseci
Someone has definitely been drinking way too much Capri sun
FishY PlayZ
FishY PlayZ Prije 4 mjeseci
Who is that and why isn't he wearing pants XD
FishY PlayZ
FishY PlayZ Prije 4 mjeseci
without that hammer you'd be an extra on game of thrones XD
Ørbįtåł -GD-
Ørbįtåł -GD- Prije 4 mjeseci
This is not as good as it used to be
Nathan Ciriello
Nathan Ciriello Prije 4 mjeseci
Is it just me, or was that ironman transformation SO smooth
Issy Prije 4 mjeseci
Any marvel fan knows that Silver Surfer would easily beat Stark, in the comics or the movies. if you don’t think so then I guess you don’t know Marvel as well as you should 🤷🏾‍♂️
Yolidiaz Prije 4 mjeseci
I’ve been watching these guys for so long but it seems nothing different it’s always the same taste and the writing it’s ok but wish it could be better
David Morgan
David Morgan Prije 4 mjeseci
I don’t like the mind forgetting stuff it causes to many problems
Humberto gaming
Humberto gaming Prije 4 mjeseci
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