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Eternal Knight was once a great warrior that was blessed, like many before her, by Oro’s golden light. As a result, she was immensely powerful. With his defeat, she lost that gift, and sought out Ultima Knight for an explanation. They now work together to find the truth behind Oro’s defeat, and Midas’ role in it, leading Eternal Knight on the path to Midas’ daughter, Jules…
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Oro’s Castle made by suo-maomensore-tian-zhong-shi 6581-3124-9021
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manic._.on60fpツ Prije 6 dana
Deadpool is funny thats why I watch the movie
amal nbhan Abod family
amal nbhan Abod family Prije 2 mjeseci
Mystique Prije 3 mjeseci
I love myself.
Zero Prije 3 mjeseci
I hope Deadpool dies
Desjae Washington
Desjae Washington Prije 3 mjeseci
Chloe Burton
Chloe Burton Prije 4 mjeseci
Me when skye got down: lazerbeam this is for you YEEEET
Omen Darkness Lord
Omen Darkness Lord Prije 4 mjeseci
Breaking news : ultima is a simp ://
Natalie Aguilera
Natalie Aguilera Prije 4 mjeseci
Is eternal knight a female Version of ultima knight
Grayson Shields
Grayson Shields Prije 4 mjeseci
Guys are one of my favorite channels in a bunch of people watch you so I just wanted to come over here and I wanted to get more subscribers I wanted to hit can I have seven right now
Grayson Shields
Grayson Shields Prije 4 mjeseci
I want to be for 10 sorry about that
Carson H
Carson H Prije 4 mjeseci
Can we have a map code of this map?
1ok_Toxicc Prije 5 mjeseci I the only one who heard damn? I’m sorry but like 0.0 if you didn’t say that I’m sorry I just heard it, and if you did I have never heard that before 0.0
Mipha Zora queen UwU
Mipha Zora queen UwU Prije 5 mjeseci
She is thicc tho
XL JoelDarkness XL 21
XL JoelDarkness XL 21 Prije 5 mjeseci
Am back
Giovanni Roman
Giovanni Roman Prije 5 mjeseci
Why Skye..? We don’t get to know who Ultima, Red Knight, Black Knight really is but we learn that Eternal Knight is Skye within the first video
Hollie Wilson
Hollie Wilson Prije 5 mjeseci
Aye if you are watching this fisher I hate you UwU dat what u get for being ROoD and yes it’s hollieiris UwU
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
And sky and Midas say Pussy
Jasmine Williams
Jasmine Williams Prije 5 mjeseci
Can someone tell me why she said dam
Kwotaa Prije 5 mjeseci
Anybody know what else that intro sounds like?
ISHAN RAMESKANTHA Moe Prije 5 mjeseci
Look the thumbnail looks insane
immortalfusion Prije 5 mjeseci
Did you do that castle in creative very impressive
Lorena Zagal
Lorena Zagal Prije 5 mjeseci
Rezymu Prije 5 mjeseci
I didn’t know that Skye swore the most of all the others. First she is like “what the hell was that?” And now she goes “Damn”. I really enjoy it! Lol.
Koalit3 Prije 5 mjeseci
User ID 832054
User ID 832054 Prije 5 mjeseci
Honestly, Eternal Knight should be the season 3 event. Kinda like how ice king did. Because damn. She looks more of a villain than midas. Maybe gain superpowers or something? :/
Fiandberch 974
Fiandberch 974 Prije 5 mjeseci
Dang newscapepro starting to say dam*
Fiandberch 974
Fiandberch 974 Prije 5 mjeseci
Doesn't anyone notice that
Ranjit Grewal
Ranjit Grewal Prije 5 mjeseci
What if ultimakinght is Midas
Flakey Prije 5 mjeseci
Ultima:what are you doing you should be resting Eternal knight:I can rest when im dead Ultima:😶 big words kid...
OPAGP Prije 5 mjeseci
Eternal knight is actually the female black knight
Dark Zone
Dark Zone Prije 5 mjeseci
Best thumbnail
SH4DM4N 2.0 シ
SH4DM4N 2.0 シ Prije 5 mjeseci
SHE SAID DAMN 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Benny Gonzalez
Benny Gonzalez Prije 5 mjeseci
What is the voice of enternal knight that's so dumb
Sambit Dalai
Sambit Dalai Prije 6 mjeseci
deadpool captured perfectly
Oscar Abila
Oscar Abila Prije 6 mjeseci
Wet Cheetos
Wet Cheetos Prije 6 mjeseci
Yay 2 million subscribers
Whiskerycrowd17 Prije 6 mjeseci
Anyone else here eternal knight say damn
x0køala.snipez0x Prije 6 mjeseci
I have this theory that maya is the eternal night
StarKurusu Prije 6 mjeseci
Savage Vegito
Savage Vegito Prije 6 mjeseci
I thought this was family friendly
Lil_Skorpion64 Prije 6 mjeseci
I wonder what she looks like under that helmet.
Asim Mohammed
Asim Mohammed Prije 6 mjeseci
Up your whole time coming back your room is coming back so I can do it very nice and nice to you come back to your room and I can do it very nice and nice to you come back to Birmingham is this what time you come home we’re coming to the meeting I have some you have time for your doing your hair day so nice night to me so much for you coming up
Asim Mohammed
Asim Mohammed Prije 6 mjeseci
How are you how long what is this coming up for you I am coming to Birmingham this is what I have for you and I am going to send you the pic thanks for coming to the show today and your day and night I am coming up your and
Asim Mohammed
Asim Mohammed Prije 6 mjeseci
This one is so long I miss you so nice you too have to come to your room so I don’t want to come to Birmingham is your night so you have to your room for coming home night is your night off I love ya night love
Penasquitos Christian Preschool Panda Class
Penasquitos Christian Preschool Panda Class Prije 6 mjeseci
if I was skye I would stop being evil.
Tacoman Bear
Tacoman Bear Prije 6 mjeseci
Can anyone tell me how to build that castle eternal knight and ultima were at In creative mode?
JoJolion Unofficial Themes
JoJolion Unofficial Themes Prije 6 mjeseci
Deadpool broke the fourth wall and he does it every where he goes
Random Person
Random Person Prije 6 mjeseci
I don't know why but I have really wanted to know who dark Knight is ever since he came out
Laura Jewell
Laura Jewell Prije 6 mjeseci
Eternal knight is skye
Уютный домик Саймона
Уютный домик Саймона Prije 6 mjeseci
Still waiting for the female Werewolf skin. God damn it Epic Games
Riot Boi
Riot Boi Prije 6 mjeseci
When sky says damn
Woods Corey
Woods Corey Prije 6 mjeseci
I don't know if you did this already but, SHORT Film idea: eternal knight falls for black knight
Creeper king X9
Creeper king X9 Prije 6 mjeseci
I think eternal knight is skye... just a theory
Ramen Style
Ramen Style Prije 6 mjeseci
The man who made me start watching this is Ultima Knight, and ya boi is back
3kholohan Prije 6 mjeseci
2:44 Star Wars
Galina Iltchev
Galina Iltchev Prije 6 mjeseci
You should really make a Tek origin story
Michael Barcelona
Michael Barcelona Prije 6 mjeseci
i need subs
Miguel Baeza-Gomez Jr.
Miguel Baeza-Gomez Jr. Prije 6 mjeseci
Yay dam
Bandana Warrior
Bandana Warrior Prije 6 mjeseci
I bet skye is eternal knight
Mek `s
Mek `s Prije 6 mjeseci
That is the voice of female kit
micahcastro22 Prije 6 mjeseci
I got to say this is a great video eternal knight is my favorite
Mrs.Sheewolf !!!
Mrs.Sheewolf !!! Prije 6 mjeseci
Make skie and Meowscles get married like if you agree then kit will finally have a mother
Lil Swishyy
Lil Swishyy Prije 6 mjeseci
You said a bad word
CHIP FN Prije 6 mjeseci
Who else just watch these because there bored
CHIP FN Prije 6 mjeseci
I just got to one sub!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Jordan Humphrey
Jordan Humphrey Prije 6 mjeseci
She said d a m
Tshidi Tshunyane
Tshidi Tshunyane Prije 6 mjeseci
Terraria Tutorials
Terraria Tutorials Prije 6 mjeseci
Yeetusceeeshetuz get this a lot of likes
End Gamer
End Gamer Prije 6 mjeseci
Do more kit videos
Noah FC ツ
Noah FC ツ Prije 6 mjeseci
Tristan Scott
Tristan Scott Prije 6 mjeseci
newscapepro origin story
LED memories
LED memories Prije 6 mjeseci
Me play fortnite me BorisStrazinskis name BorisStrazinskis
hirzanarjuna Prije 6 mjeseci
drift is the reason i watch newscapepro i miss him
Imaspiderman 1
Imaspiderman 1 Prije 6 mjeseci
luckyyoutuber bro
luckyyoutuber bro Prije 6 mjeseci
Is Ultima share the same voice actor with caos agent
SPENCER HALBUR Prije 6 mjeseci
Skye swared
Dalton Blahun
Dalton Blahun Prije 6 mjeseci
And this entire story just started with: never shoot John wick
Pch 916
Pch 916 Prije 6 mjeseci
Simping for the new girl
Timber Prije 6 mjeseci
Annie Malhi
Annie Malhi Prije 6 mjeseci
She is skye
Maddox Warren
Maddox Warren Prije 6 mjeseci
Notice in the beginning how eternal knight cussed
Malek the Gamer
Malek the Gamer Prije 6 mjeseci
No Midas is bad I don't like him
Meer Plays2011
Meer Plays2011 Prije 6 mjeseci
Sense when does skye aka eternal knight say "dam"
Kaidan_ 8
Kaidan_ 8 Prije 6 mjeseci
that’s the thing beavers build
Kaidan_ 8
Kaidan_ 8 Prije 6 mjeseci
Luke Matson
Luke Matson Prije 6 mjeseci
I wish I'd dark sentinel is back in a cameo or something
Killer Slime
Killer Slime Prije 6 mjeseci
Eternal Night is sky
gray johnson
gray johnson Prije 6 mjeseci
Ik we all know
Link Sheep
Link Sheep Prije 6 mjeseci
Tbh, the video: what happened to Skye is the true origin story of eternal knight
IKEAZ Prije 6 mjeseci
Ivelyne Jean
Ivelyne Jean Prije 6 mjeseci
The way she said again that’s gotta be skye
Kacper Roza
Kacper Roza Prije 6 mjeseci
Marie Coney
Marie Coney Prije 6 mjeseci
What are you doing my dog
Erin Day
Erin Day Prije 6 mjeseci
Ok damn is not rlly a bad word y’all are being lil kids
Fortnite_god_0909 Yo
Fortnite_god_0909 Yo Prije 6 mjeseci
You’ll subscribe to new skate pro 1 2 3 and 4
Cornermercury 77
Cornermercury 77 Prije 6 mjeseci
I didn't know Skye could cuss.
FleFlan Prije 6 mjeseci
Theory: Skye moves on from rox in order for her power to grow, Because yes
Erin D'Alfonso
Erin D'Alfonso Prije 6 mjeseci
the episode is very strange once you know that Eternal knight is Skye
Raquel Andrade
Raquel Andrade Prije 6 mjeseci
David Jr
David Jr Prije 6 mjeseci
Damn He got me good
Wail Storm
Wail Storm Prije 6 mjeseci
more deadpool
K Grammi
K Grammi Prije 6 mjeseci
Yah she
aiden vidaurri
aiden vidaurri Prije 6 mjeseci
Eternal night is sky
Michele Lynn
Michele Lynn Prije 6 mjeseci
Yo whole vid was almost dead pool
DarkAlone0731 Prije 6 mjeseci
Anybody come back to find out skye is eternal knight the whole time
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes Prije 6 mjeseci
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