Errol Garcia
Errol Garcia Prije 7 sati
Touch me,Midas Make me part of your design
Cc gamer
Cc gamer Prije 8 sati
I bet if Midas fought Batman Batman would win
Shinigami Prije 8 sati
It's cute beast boy and raven couple 😊
Justynot Prije 8 sati
Wonder how this whole Storyline thing is gonna end up with NewScapePro not realizing that at some point... they can't get a video out of a live event. I mean... this is great and all but still... just saying.
Yas & Z
Yas & Z Prije 8 sati
Kit can just jump out his robot sute
Killer_ Dark
Killer_ Dark Prije 9 sati
This is sooo goood no capp i want tp see part 2 where midas beats oro and his daughter and rio come back to life
Jonstryke 26
Jonstryke 26 Prije 9 sati
Finally a thumbnail without toon meowscles
JUSTIN REED Prije 9 sati
What the hell happened to clout shadow
captain Herkules
captain Herkules Prije 9 sati
It feels like newscapepro is just googling up the origin stories for the collab characters.
Stilicho Prije 10 sati
blue squires is badass
Sparkydino Prije 10 sati
6:54 voice crack Corona virus
RynoWitt Prije 10 sati
0:37 from a hat in time
Zé__Nemo__ Prije 10 sati
They changed a little midas' voice since this, 2021 gang btw
cowchow 308
cowchow 308 Prije 11 sati
Grimy in the best villain
Orange. Big. Toe.
Orange. Big. Toe. Prije 11 sati
After Robin left Batman to work in blood haven he became nightwing and his color scheme is blue and black just as a note
Orange. Big. Toe.
Orange. Big. Toe. Prije 11 sati
Never mind
Mega m e m e s
Mega m e m e s Prije 11 sati
itz •trapmaster•
itz •trapmaster• Prije 12 sati
people probably already know this but beast boy was a normal baby but then he got bit by a green money and got sick so they tried to make a cure but it made him green and gave him the ability to transform into any animal
Glitchtrap Legendary
Glitchtrap Legendary Prije 12 sati
Looks at time 1 hour and fourteen minutes looks at title a short film!!!!!
OP.8V3 Prije 12 sati
Why does replay mode look so good in this episode?
Alijah Morgan
Alijah Morgan Prije 12 sati
Road runner reference
Rawah Alfadli
Rawah Alfadli Prije 12 sati
Docdur Dewm
Docdur Dewm Prije 13 sati
"Didn't ya hear? I work alone now! " the Titans: are we a joke to you?
Luis Medina Cosio
Luis Medina Cosio Prije 13 sati
Kingthejav Prije 14 sati
I'm glad Lexa was in this 😃good job
Wasp Prije 14 sati
do another bushranger video
Lunar Prije 14 sati
I love Midas's voice and Kit's.
Acheley Paris
Acheley Paris Prije 14 sati
I would like to see mandalorian in the next episode please everyone forgot about him
asultanies Prije 14 sati
That's clever that they used Camo as Beast Boy
aidan brooks
aidan brooks Prije 15 sati
His laugh though
brekris1 Prije 15 sati
E'dy Burel Choate
E'dy Burel Choate Prije 15 sati
dodi Tron 09
dodi Tron 09 Prije 15 sati
Yeah try and get 1295 people in fortnite
Loser Pika
Loser Pika Prije 15 sati
6:46 Bruh
Richi Perez
Richi Perez Prije 15 sati
Mr. Donuts
Mr. Donuts Prije 15 sati
Thi vid was so short lol
Yuki Prije 15 sati
How did you do that with ollue?
Yuki Prije 15 sati
Gnash Gaming
Gnash Gaming Prije 15 sati
Yuki Prije 16 sati
My Favorite skin is Skye ❤😍
Jonas Prije 16 sati
Why was scare crow able to talk tho?
H̴̤͋a̴̓ͅp̴̫̈́p̴̳̊ÿ̴̦́ Really H̴̤͋a̴̓ͅp̴̫̈́p̴̳̊ÿ̴̦́
H̴̤͋a̴̓ͅp̴̫̈́p̴̳̊ÿ̴̦́ Really H̴̤͋a̴̓ͅp̴̫̈́p̴̳̊ÿ̴̦́ Prije 16 sati
Ravens real father: trigon
Xavier Harris
Xavier Harris Prije 16 sati
I like when a new skin comes out they come up with and idea
Emerald YT
Emerald YT Prije 17 sati
I would love to join or try and voice trolling and role play with NSP, and if they see this how is everyone there? Also, I’m not asking to get paid for trying or joining I just want to try an RP (Roleplay) or voice Trolling, also if u checked out my YT and heard my voice and if there is a new skin, and if u think I can play the voice for it then I will try, (and that’s if u want me to voice for the character) and I appreciate your time on the vids, I really like them, especially the flash vids and mini-games, also if u don’t mind me asking but how did u make the movement look so real with the flash emote?
kamel Elnawam
kamel Elnawam Prije 17 sati
ETTALIX 09 Prije 17 sati
I'm sorry, but I'm sorry you're copying this thing from the stories to pazzox An Italian youtuber and it seems unfair to me to copy them the idea of stories ........... please stop right away or I will contact him.................. if you delete the comment you'll be a liar in the soul because if you delete it you're denying it the evidence you have to look pazzox stories
Gaming pro 8545
Gaming pro 8545 Prije 17 sati
Wow how long did his take
Koshack and Ebony
Koshack and Ebony Prije 18 sati
I remember Teen Titans Go
Jarad McWilliams
Jarad McWilliams Prije 18 sati
Idea for when gorilla Beast Boy does punch attacks: Equip the hulk fist pikakes
Glitchtrap Legendary
Glitchtrap Legendary Prije 18 sati
Love your vids just wish there was a cyborg in fortnite
Saiko animation
Saiko animation Prije 18 sati
Remember the season 8 finale
Enrik Calja
Enrik Calja Prije 18 sati
Beast boy is not like that. He is not a sucker to robin
Anicringe Skywalker
Anicringe Skywalker Prije 18 sati
I love how it just copys Batman arkham knights plot with scarecrow and batman
Rylan Prije 18 sati
Anicringe Skywalker
Anicringe Skywalker Prije 18 sati
Batman: bats im afraid of bats also Batman at the start of the video: makes bat gear
Anicringe Skywalker
Anicringe Skywalker Prije 18 sati
4:12 me when my friend farts
Jimenez Fox
Jimenez Fox Prije 18 sati
Video idea: Deimos finds his dad (kondor)
Brobro On yt
Brobro On yt Prije 18 sati
Beast boys voice is........bad
Megan Miller
Megan Miller Prije 19 sati
Lol as my lil brother watching teen Titans
King Chaos
King Chaos Prije 19 sati
Did beast boy turn into She-hulks lizzard
BREAKTHESPARTAN278 Eee Prije 20 sati
I know this guy is trying to be creative and make the entire god of war story in fortnite, but there may be “ a few gaps in his knowledge.” If anyone does not know that line in god of war 4, they ether have not played goW 4, they have not played through that part where kratos and atreus meet mimir, or they are not a god of war 4 fan.
Lynne Herzig
Lynne Herzig Prije 20 sati
Him: batman can't save you now Me: yeah but a gorilla that talks like spider man can
Ramire Gamers 2
Ramire Gamers 2 Prije 20 sati
Its when you make robin a son skilled athletes and who's was adopted by Batman, lose to a normal criminal you clearly shows that you hate teen Titan and only d hopping every trendy skin what a joke it makes new 52 Nightwing look better
Radflash Prije 20 sati
His powers
Radflash Prije 20 sati
Why did you not show how best boY got
Lynne Herzig
Lynne Herzig Prije 20 sati
Thank God for grimly
Jaden Prije 20 sati
I really want them to bring back FaDe, Ice King, Fire King, Catalysts and Ultima Knight
Galactic Builder
Galactic Builder Prije 20 sati
Where is surr burger origin story
Leland H
Leland H Prije 20 sati
Raven isn't under deadeye's control anymore thanks to beast boy.
Manuel_goated -
Manuel_goated - Prije 21 sat
This well made
cranja Prije 21 sat
Joe'Leonzae McVea
Joe'Leonzae McVea Prije 21 sat
um okay beast boy
Nicky Smith
Nicky Smith Prije 21 sat
About time we se raven
Adrian Puga
Adrian Puga Prije 21 sat
You should turn razz into gold pieces
Yox box
Yox box Prije 21 sat
Braindead Games
Braindead Games Prije 21 sat
this is garbage
Adrian Puga
Adrian Puga Prije 21 sat
Good joke
TWO Design and Photography
TWO Design and Photography Prije 21 sat
finally i can tell some one about a good roleplay channel besides @Vipernate
Mr Bear McRae
Mr Bear McRae Prije 21 sat
I like the part where he says what are you A walking broccoli 🥦🤭 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nova Prije 22 sati
Karlos Turk
Karlos Turk Prije 22 sati
Predator can explode hiself before he die And at The predator film when they saw a predator predator killing all of them