Kings Prije 13 sati
What is happing
Sgt Avocado265
Sgt Avocado265 Prije 13 sati
I never knew that new scape Pro World Resident Evil fans if you notice Jon Jones was talkin like Wesker from Resident Evil 5
Kara Lingier
Kara Lingier Prije 13 sati
Master AEF
Master AEF Prije 13 sati
4:08 what
online rj
online rj Prije 13 sati
Every single moment starting from 0:00 to 1:00 was so confusing and super uncomfortable it was cute and kind of wholesome and I don't know how to feel
the death star
the death star Prije 14 sati
-agent jones chan-
Natalie Elissa
Natalie Elissa Prije 14 sati
someone tell me why i keep repeating the end part lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Gaby Gaming
Gaby Gaming Prije 14 sati
6:16 IM DYING 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Random Fire Wolf
Random Fire Wolf Prije 15 sati
I as an anime watcher are offended
Zxmyx Prije 15 sati
Trying to get famous by comments day 2
Pca2 Plays
Pca2 Plays Prije 15 sati
Ummm Jones chan?!
JJLT7 Prije 15 sati
I just made the comments 987 COMMENTS!
ItsDoomgirl666 Prije 15 sati
Y'all ever just accidentally confirm God is real in a throw away punchline
John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit
John Vincent de Chavez Bagsit Prije 15 sati
Brainwash am Iright
Galaxygaming Prije 15 sati
I love how they made Rox and Skye LGBTQ + but now I want John Jones and Tek to be LGBTQ + is that weird ?
Galaxygaming Prije 15 sati
So jules would kill anybody who gets in her way and I’m guessing yuki will kill herself if johns doesn’t like her back
Farhan Hassany
Farhan Hassany Prije 15 sati
Nicole cousins
Nicole cousins Prije 15 sati
When sky turned into gold she was gonna do the mic drop
fifarafa Prije 15 sati
if I had to describe this movie with one abbreviation it would be WTF
Nicole cousins
Nicole cousins Prije 15 sati
frane 0209
frane 0209 Prije 15 sati
You do rilaze that is a shield granate
Khalil Nickoli Art Badic
Khalil Nickoli Art Badic Prije 15 sati
Hmm virus in tihs virtual world? Glitchtrap is a virus.WAIT WHAT!!!!!!!!
eCodrin Campian
eCodrin Campian Prije 16 sati
@NewScapePro - Fortnite Shorts,Films and Skits teased marigold in theyr thumbnail
Dudeplease Memedude
Dudeplease Memedude Prije 16 sati
Yes love the spoilers on attack on Titan classic 😂
Ares Roach-Few
Ares Roach-Few Prije 16 sati
Never knew John Jones could break the fourth wall
Ernesto Spina
Ernesto Spina Prije 16 sati
i love the anime skin😍😍😍
D1amond Ninja
D1amond Ninja Prije 16 sati
Jules:bang bang Mando:Bruh my armor is made by beskar
FaZe REYİZ Prije 16 sati
megumi's backbling is cursed over there
Virgil Jessen
Virgil Jessen Prije 16 sati
3:40 😂
Jonathan Moctezuma
Jonathan Moctezuma Prije 16 sati
Garbage video
Jonathan Moctezuma
Jonathan Moctezuma Prije 16 sati
Bad channel
liljoker2u2 Prije 16 sati
Just vibing keeping the chat flowing🕶
liljoker2u2 Prije 16 sati
John jones DIRTY like you better in a nicer suit
Wild Beast gaming
Wild Beast gaming Prije 16 sati
If someone dies I might not watch this channel Bc I seen many deaths I’m never watching this again bye
mahdy358 Prije 16 sati
Lexa is the Queen of Roasting and that’s a fact 😂
Fox-King Crazyworld
Fox-King Crazyworld Prije 16 sati
Did not want to Waze this video started definitely do not make me feel right make me feel very awkward
Mr L, Green Thunder
Mr L, Green Thunder Prije 17 sati
3:17 “Well congratulations, you’re the final boss.” Jonesy: “Oh, come on. They didn’t even get my voice right.” Ah yes, priorities.
Ella Bridson
Ella Bridson Prije 17 sati
Amber Skywick
Amber Skywick Prije 17 sati
That intro was just
Noeljm Prije 17 sati
I Mean Jones is right man is destroying the world
SHD_Boxed_By _Gods
SHD_Boxed_By _Gods Prije 17 sati
I think that agent jones virus is in the head of jules. So he´s in her body and controls her
Ynigo Cuntapay
Ynigo Cuntapay Prije 17 sati
There city is jump city
Ynigo Cuntapay
Ynigo Cuntapay Prije 17 sati
Don't u mean titans go
Jesus Emmanuel Cordero
Jesus Emmanuel Cordero Prije 17 sati
Team Tream !
Team Tream ! Prije 17 sati
They really use john jones for Wesker 🤣🤣
global 7ds
global 7ds Prije 17 sati
Attack on Titan? And uwu....
Creeperboi 4884
Creeperboi 4884 Prije 17 sati
I like that he's sleep talking. More like WHAT he was sleep talking. UwU
Some Cool Name
Some Cool Name Prije 17 sati
I hope Megumi becomes her own character she is my favorite 👉🏻👈🏼
Gerald Tovar
Gerald Tovar Prije 17 sati
so jules is now in battle royale fortnite getting controled by a fortnite player
Sander Qvist Boye
Sander Qvist Boye Prije 17 sati
Antony Hernandez
Antony Hernandez Prije 17 sati
Gilbert Mensah
Gilbert Mensah Prije 18 sati
Day 4 of asking for Fade to come back
Jonstryke 26
Jonstryke 26 Prije 18 sati
Oooooooooh the ending I totally forgot about him Is he still dating penny
Ensar Ensar
Ensar Ensar Prije 18 sati
Hey where is yuki ?
Maria Zuniga-Andrez
Maria Zuniga-Andrez Prije 18 sati
Like your videos nsp keep it up
DS Z Prije 18 sati
John jones : I’d love to hear spoilers of attack on titan XD
williamurg Prije 18 sati
Pistol spam pistol spam pistol spam i love pistols i love spam i love pistol spam i love youre videos
CC Gamer
CC Gamer Prije 18 sati
Bring Orin back please
gabriel delic
gabriel delic Prije 19 sati
Going from fortnite storyline i think Jules is now stuck in battle royal mode like everyone in our games of fortnite shes now just a snapshot stuck unable to talk now she can just attack
Yoyo Thingz
Yoyo Thingz Prije 19 sati
Lexa: you’re going down Elevator: going down 😊
Anup Kalra
Anup Kalra Prije 19 sati
Oh my god
Shinigami Prije 19 sati
Wait what the heck happen to jules did she lose her memories
Siricalldg Prije 19 sati
I'm a dog alien
I'm a dog alien Prije 19 sati
What ever happened to predator
dinnermint lover
dinnermint lover Prije 19 sati
Britt Jones
Britt Jones Prije 19 sati
Jon Jones
TheNinjaAlex Plays
TheNinjaAlex Plays Prije 20 sati
Me sees this Me: you know what, imma go back to play mcc im no longer bored of it
Kane Thompson
Kane Thompson Prije 20 sati
Who remembers when there vids were actually good 🙁
JamesPlays Prije 20 sati
me started to watch this and the first word i hear from this vid is "john jones your so kawaii" and its weird
Austina And Amy
Austina And Amy Prije 20 sati
I play Fortnite and everything
Austina And Amy
Austina And Amy Prije 20 sati
Can I please be in your video
Pained Haze
Pained Haze Prije 20 sati
Me sees the thumbnail: Uhhhhhhh John Jones is a weeb.
Funnyman Jerm
Funnyman Jerm Prije 20 sati
You guy should do that Jules Voice next vid
Avengers_4 Prije 20 sati
And wy raven and jj forgot ho They are wtf i am confused
The most bad channel
The most bad channel Prije 20 sati
Maxwell's Adventures
Maxwell's Adventures Prije 20 sati
John jones and tex looks like twins
Olly TheDragon
Olly TheDragon Prije 20 sati
why dose Jules keep changing
Macy Wassenaar
Macy Wassenaar Prije 20 sati
Ok, but Jules is from the outside world... why would she forget them
Jayden Martin
Jayden Martin Prije 20 sati
Attack on Titan